Now it is time to relax and rake in the revenue, right? Well, not quite ...


Is your product cost optimized for the level of demand you have?
Does your channel need adjustments?
Are your help desk and support as efficient as needed?
Have you got a process for handling extra supply and/or demand?
What if a critical component gets discontinued?
Do you have a process for dealing with critical issues uncovered by a customer?
How will you expand into other markets or geographies?
Are you collecting enough feedback and inputs for your next generation product design?


Your customers are just getting started and so are you!  Here's how we can help ...



The Drive phase is all about growth, driving efficiencies and optimizing all aspects of your strategy.  You now know how well your forecast is mapped to your real demand, you may have uncovered changes that need to be rolled into the product design, or you may have new markets to address and expand into.  This is the time to drive growth and efficiencies into all aspects of your product and business.

  • Cost Optimization -- Now that you have a clear uptick in demand, it's time to drive cost out of your product. Economies of scale start kicking in and additional cost drivers may be eliminated.  Let our supply experts and engineers work with you and your suppliers to identify the cost drivers to optimize the product cost and you profitability.


  • Return Management -- Besides your reverse logistics and replacements, you need to be able to deal with your returned product.  Perhaps there is a secondary market for it or you are ready to open the gates for refurbished product. Whatever your level of maturity is, we can assist you in optimizing this important step of your customer satisfaction.


  • Continuous Help Desk Training -- During the Deliver phase you set up your help desk based on what you expected your customers to need support with.  Customers are unpredictable and it is quite likely you will need to continuously revisit and improve your support information and systems.  LLAMAX, along with our support partners, will help you maintain the right information through the lessons learned in your support process.


  • Sustaining Engineering -- Despite your awesome efforts, there will be issues once you are in the market.  What distinguishes a good company is how they deal with them. The ability to identify and understand the root cause of every issue, the level of risk and severity, along with the associated corrective actions, will help you make decisions to mitigate the impact.  Along with our manufacturing and design partners, we can help you deal with the engineering support you will need to keep your product successfully in the market.


  • Market Expansion -- Once your initial markets are well understood, you may want to expand to adjacent segments or different geographies.  You may need to meet additional regulatory compliance requirements and obtain new certifications and documentation. Perhaps there are different channels with different pricing, inventory, or marketing needs. LLAMAX will help you understand the impacts of expansion so you can drive growth.


  • Feedback for Next Generation -- Back in the Define stage you collected requirements, features, and functions that your customers expected your product to have.  Now that you are in the market and have a stable demand, your customers, partners, and experience will provide the best source for the initial steps in defining your next generation product.  Having delivered over 50 products in the market, we know a thing or two on how to collect and leverage this feedback.  It is time to do it with you.

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