DEVELOP you've got a solid plan to execute, monitor and control...


Who will do the detailed design?
Is your design ready for volume manufacturing?
Is your contract manufacturer meeting expectations?
Do you have your marketing assets prepared?
Verification test plans executed and all product features and functions are working as designed?
Are your development & product costs still according to plan?
Is your quality on track?
Have you completed your user documentation?
Do you have an appropriate change control process?


Product Development is where the "rubber meets the road", but it is also where most mistakes are made and most of the budget gets spent.  Here's how we can help ...

This phase is all about execution.  We will help you monitor and control the design, development and manufacturing readiness.  Your business plan will be taking shape and your users will start evaluating prototypes.  Exciting times!

  • Detailed Product Design -- Now the fun stuff!  This is where you take your product from prototypes to reality. Whether you're a large corporation or a lean start-up, LLAMAX will assess your product's complexity along with your skills and capabilities and provide the engineering resources to fill the gaps. Tailoring our services to your needs, we can do the complete design or simply review an already existing design. Our technical expertise includes; Industrial Design, Electrical, Mechanical, RF, Software, Systems, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineering.


  • DFx, Quality & NPI Readiness -- Design for Excellence is another area often overlooked during the detailed product design stage. Engaging Quality, Manufacturing and/or Process Engineers to work along side the design engineers will ensure your final product is not only manufacturable, but testable while also meeting your quality expectations.  Hosting design reviews and considering aspects like; component placement, PCB fabrication processes, injection molding parameters, ease of assembly serviceability and design reliability will save you time and money.


  • User Documentation -- Quick start guides and user manuals are often necessities for any hardware product with even a tiny bit of complexity.  Our experienced technical writers will work with you to develop instructional content, ensuring the correct legal and regulatory statements and language translations are incorporated with ease.


  • Marketing Assets -- During the Decide phase you planned how to communicate with your customers.  Like every other part of your product you need to develop these assets. Whether it is print, social media, videos, or blogs, our Go-To-Market experts with the help of our marketing partners will assist you in the creation and validation of all your materials.


  • PLM & Configuration Management -- Whether you have one or 1000 SKUs, you will want to finalize your saleable and serviceable items along with associated Bills of Materials (BOMs) and create design baselines before initiating your first product build.  With increased design complexity and customization, this can be a challenge.  We will help assess your change control processes and make recommendations for implementing best industry practices that scale from your present to future needs.


  • Requirements Compliance Traceability -- With your product testing and certifications behind you, its time to see how your product measures up to the requirements you set out to achieve.  This is an important step in verifying your product's acceptance and a useful tool to hold your suppliers and contract manufacturers accountable.  We'll coach you on tools and processes for wading through the mountains of test reports in order to trace your requirements with verified test results confirming compliance.


  • Supply Chain Readiness -- Ensure your supply chain is ready for volume manufacturing by using our customized checklists developed over 50+ product introductions.  We guide you through the audits and help you assess the readiness of your supply chain starting with your contract manufacturer's ability to consistently build, ship and deliver to your demand forecast.


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