Cool! You've got a verified and regulatory compliant product and are ready to launch.


Is your production pipeline ready and in line with your forecast?
Are you ready to answer your customers questions?
Are your marketing assets done and you are ready to make a splash?
Are your sales channels trained and pumped?
Do you have all documentation in all applicable languages?
Do you have media plans and all your assets are ready to be launched?
Are your service and repair centers ready with service parts and replacement stock?
Have you finalized your promotional pricing strategies?


Product delivery is where your customers get access to your product.  Make sure you are prepared for big success instead of course corrections! Here's how we can help...



This phase is where your product will meet the market and your customers.  Perhaps the most exciting phase.  You need to be ready to make your marketing splashes, drive initial adoption, manage supply and demand irregularities, and deal with customer interactions.

  • Route to Market Execution -- During the Define stage you mapped your routes to market.  This is the time to put your plan to action.  Our Go-to-Market experts will guide you through the process of delivering product to your channels, monitoring their effectiveness and ensuring all your materials are ready for them to drive profitable sales.


  • Pricing and Promotional Strategies -- Remember the pricing plans you developed during the Define stage?  Now it's time to review and finalize them.  You will need to ensure you have the right pricing promotions and that your different channels have the appropriate pricing strategies.  They need to be profitable and you so do you.  We will review your strategies and make sure you have the right indicators to keep your profitability in check.


  • Marketing Splash -- During the Develop phase you created your marketing assets.  It is time to let them do their job by executing your media plans. This is how the world will learn about your amazing product.  Your channel and geographic strategies will demand a unique and careful release of your assets in order to create the proper splash.  Our marketing experts in coordination with our marketing partners will help you in this critical aspect.


  • Production Pipeline -- When you created your business plan and ROI in the Define and Decide phases, it included a product forecast. Your supply has to be ready to deliver when your orders start hitting your channel partners.  Over-building is costly and will keep inventory on your books, under-building makes you slow to react to your customers' demand. LLAMAX will guide you through the right level of planning and risk assessments to make sure you are ready to deliver.


  • Support and Service Readiness -- Once your product is in your customers hands, you will need to be ready and able to answer their questions and support them in all aspects.  There will be field problems, returns to manage and replacements to deal with. Your reverse logistics, and Failure Mode Analysis plans will make sure you are there for your customers and are ready to diagnose any potential problem that may arise. LLAMAX will assist you in assessing the readiness of your help desk partners, support trees, and coordinating failure analysis and corrective actions.

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