Now that your product is clearly defined, how do you plan for success?


What is the best mix of development methodologies?
How does it get designed and developed?
Do you have the final detailed design specifications and product requirements documented?
How long will it take to make?
How many iterations will you need to get it right?
How much will you spend?
How will you test through every stage?
Do you have enough funding to develop and react to unforeseen situations?
What are your contingency plans?
Do you have the right supply chain partners?
Are the correct regulatory and safety compliance requirements understood?
Do you have achievable quality targets?

Proper planning will avoid costly mistakes down the road.  Here's how we can help ...

This is the time to commit to your project execution and detailed development plans.
LLAMAX will assess your business needs and product concept to determine the appropriate mix of development methodologies that should be used through the product realization process.  From there, we will help you develop the detailed roadmap and project elements that will be used to guide you through the entire process.

Here are some of the key elements we will focus on during this phase:

  • Project Management & Execution Planning -- Schedule and budget development and management are significant undertakings, but every project needs a way to measure success and stay on track.  Let our seasoned project managers help.  We will assign a dedicated project manager to help you create work breakdown structures, sprint plans, identify project milestones, create detailed schedules, identify key risks and dependencies, collect budget estimates, outline resource and skillset requirements.  On time, On budget and On spec are three project success metrics we never miss.


  • Beta Trial & Early Adopter Planning -- We will work with you to develop preliminary plans for customer trials and proof of concept testing.  Planning may include; identification of customers, communication plans, survey designs, trial duration and cost, functionality that will be tested, technical support needed for trials, feedback loop for incorporating design adjustments, etc.  Planning for early customer engagement is essential to confirm product user acceptance and is an important input to your budget and schedule.


  • Business Case & ROI Analysis -- Lets face it, revenue is the key driver for every product development initiative.  Regardless of whether you have business investment partners, product stakeholders, a demanding sales organization or are self driven, its time to firm up your biz case and ROI calculations to confirm your profitibility projections.  Utilizing our customized templates, we will ensure you have all of the important biz case metrics incorporated.


  • Feature Backlog or Product Requirements Document (PRD) -- Perhaps one of the most critical elements of a successful product development is the documentation of verifiable product requirements and/or clearly defined features. LLAMAX has years of experience writing and reviewing product specifications and requirements documents as well as transferring user stories into feature backlogs. We will help you identify the performance criteria, cost drivers, level of effort, critical features and functions of your product.  LLAMAX provides a full range of experienced engineers, quality and manufacturing professionals that will work with you to ensure you are ready to start your detailed design.


  • Safety & Regulatory Compliance -- Safety and regulatory compliance, environmental regulations, packaging design, product markings and logos are key and complex requirements that need to be captured prior to moving into detailed design. We will help you clearly understand and document the right regulatory and safety requirements in order to prevent unnecessary and costly design updates and build iterations down the road.


  • Competitive Analysis & Product Differentiation -- You will work with our market research analyst to identify your competitors and paint the competitive landscape.  They will help you identify key product differentiators and provide strategies for implementation of different technologies and feature sets to keep you edgy.  This work provides critical inputs into your PRD.


  • Marketing & Launch Planning -- Besides your development and manufacturing plans, you will need to decide how to market your product and what kind of "splash" will be needed when you introduce it.  We will guide you though your options and cost so you can have a clear plan and budget for promoting your product.


  • Integrated Supply Chain Selection & Management -- First time manufacturing in Asia?  Don't worry, we've done it many times.  We'll extend our experience by walking you through  all the "do's and dont's" of selecting the right contract manufacturer.  We'll help you with contract negotiation and ensure you have all necessary aspects covered in your Statement of Work.  Maybe you're also considering outsourcing engineering design? We have years of experience managing multi-functional teams across the globe and many successful new product introductions under our belt, let us help.


  • Services & Support Planning -- Now is also the time to plan for how you will service and support your product during its growth (Deliver) and maturity (Drive) phases.  We will help you answer questions like; Who will service your product? How long will you service?  Do you need to provide service training? Do you need to stock service components and/or finished level goods?  How will you process returns?  What process will you use for collecting and responding to customer questions? And how much will it all cost?


  • Product Validation & Qualification Test Planning --Every product requirement must be verifiable and will therefore need a defined test method along with pass/fail criteria.   You will need to put your product’s features and functions to the test in order to confirm it meets quality targets and overall product performance criteria.  Testing is usually a high cost activity.  Advance planning will ensure you have captured all equipment and resource requirements necessary and use as inputs to your schedule and budget.


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