Software Companies
Specialized hardware services for software and services companies

Alan Kay said: "Companies that are serious about their software should develop their own hardware."  But if it is not your core competency, it can become a distraction from your main business.

There is a vast network of hardware products available in the market.  We can assist you identify the best fit for off-the-shelf hardware for your software or services to shine

If we can't find an off the shelf product,  we'll take care of the end-to-end realization for you.  We are specialized in Lean and Accelerated Hardware Product Realization to optimize your resources and deliver quality product.

- Requirements gathering and validation
- Product validation and Testing
- Identification, selection, and audit of suppliers
- Contract negotiation and execution
- International Safety and regulatory compliance
- Human Factors, User Experience, and Industrial Design
- Distribution and warehousing services
- Multi-language user or installation guides.
- Pricing and distribution strategies
- Patents, copyright, and trademark writing and filings.
- System testing and approval.

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