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LLAMAX Product Realization Inc.

Our Approach

We are the people missing in your team.  Your success is our success. Our experienced team, augmented by our network of partners, complement your capabilities and guarantee your product success.  We combine what works best from industry accepted product development practices - Agile or Adaptive, Iterative or Incremental, and Predictive or Waterfall - and tailor to your unique needs.

Our Passion

There are few things in one's professional life like seeing your idea be realized into successful and prosperous product.  We've done it many, many times.  Let us now do it with you.

Our Story

We have introduced more than 50 products over the past 25 years.  Everything from barcode readers to headsets to full blown mobile computers.  We know the ins and outs of product realization.

Turn your Great Idea into a Successful Product.

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Managing Director - Projects

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Managing Director - Products