Special services for startups

According to the GEM consortium, about 135 million startups are launched each year worldwide, with nearly 2 million in the tech sector.  How do you stand out?

You will need  focused, fast, and reliable development.  You need to prove that you have a business, not just a good idea.  Your limited resources have to be optimized.  You need to develop prototypes, test your market, and have a credible business plan.

The success of your startup depends on exceeding your customers and investors expectations.

We assist entrepreneurs in all aspects of the startup process:
- Summarized and detailed Business plans
- Business Development strategies
- Crowdfunding strategies, execution, and fulfilment
- Investment strategies and Investor identification
- Investor pitches and delivery training
- Marketing strategies, SEO, and social media plans and execution
- Distribution and channel strategies
- Manufacturing identification, contracts, audits, and quality assurance
- Patent, copyright, and trademark execution
- User research, User experience design, and Human Factors analysis and recommendations
- Industrial Design services
- Graphic Design services and production

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