Software Companies
Specialized hardware services for software and services companies

If you are in need for a rapid prototype to validate your product or to fulfill a beta test, we can help you realize your product.  We are specialized in Accelerated and Lean Hardware Product Realization.  Fast trials, fast product, fast learnings, fast course correction.

We provide services for
- Appearance Models
- Functional Prototypes
- Development Systems
- Beta Units,
- Released  product
- System testing and release.

- Identify, compare, select, and audit suppliers
- Contract negotiation and execution
- Multi-language user or installation guides.
- Patents, copyright, and trademark execution
- System testing and approval.
- Requirements gathering and validation
- International Safety and regulatory compliance
- Human Factors, User Experience, and Industrial Design
- Distribution and warehousing services
- Pricing and distribution strategies
- System testing and approval.

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