Are you ready to your product idea?


Whether this is your first product or an extension of an existing line, you are a startup or a large corporation, Product Realization is always challenging. Appropriately managing "the 5 D's of Product Realization" will take your product from idea to market adoption. Defining your product, Deciding on your execution plan, Developing your product, Delivering it to the market, and Driving its adoption. Choosing the right mix of development methodologies - predictive, iterative, or agile - will make a huge difference in your product success. We can help you make sense of it all.

We are here to complement your skills and guide you through your product journey.

We've done it many times, let us do it with you...


Congratulations! You have a great product idea, but do you know...

Who the target users are and what they expect it to do?
How big your opportunity is and how much you should invest?
What are the right requirements?
What is the best way to reach your users?
How should you price your product?

Defining a product is more than meets the eye. 


Now that your product is clearly defined it's time to create a solid plan....

What is the best mix of development methodologies?
How does it get designed and developed?
How long will it take to make?
How many iterations will you need to get it right?
How much will you spend?

Proper planning will help avoid costly mistakes down the road. 

Develop've got a solid plan to execute, monitor and control...

How will you do the detailed design?
Is your design ready for volume manufacturing?
Is your contract manufacturer meeting expectations?
Do you have your marketing assets prepared?

Development is where "rubber meets the road", but it is also where most mistakes are made and most of the budget gets spent.


Cool! You've got a verified and regulatory compliant product and are ready to launch.

Is your production pipeline ready and in line with your forecast?
Are you ready to support your customers?
Are your marketing assets done and you are ready to make a splash?
Are your sales channels trained and pumped?

Make sure you are prepared for big success instead of course corrections.


Now it is time to relax and rake in the revenue, right? Well...not quite.

Is your product cost optimized for the level of demand you have?
What if a critical component gets discontinued?
Do you have a process for dealing with critical issues in the field?
How will you expand into other markets or geographies?

Your customers are just getting started and so are you.

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